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Aspri Petra (White Rock cave)

The cave of Aspri Petra (White Rock) located about 9 Klm South West of Kefalos village, at the South slop of Zini mountain.  The first existence of life in Kefalos found in the cave of the Aspri Petra (White Rock) who is also the first in the whole island of Kos, goes back to Neolithic times. It has brought to light by the excavations of archaeologists Italian Alessandro Delia Seta and Doro Levi in 1922. Referring to the fact that Mr. Hatzivassiliou, points out that the island of Kos discovered significant findings from the prehistoric period. Indeed accurately identifies and date of excavation 3-17 June 1922, and based on the relevant post Italian magazine describes the findings: “It transpired that over a clay layer, which corresponded to a very ancient human fossil, which contained fragments of pottery Neolithic cave stretched containers dry and compact layers, which allowed the use of a continuous development of human life. Noteworthy was the presence of oval pits with millstones. The outbreak, which consisted of several layers tefrochroa the same time, however, had several pieces of pottery, bonded, Neolithic, rough or polished rod-shaped, black, red, gray and brown. Among them there was only one carved clay container. The forms and dimensions of the vessels were varied, with the predominant type of toxoid rounded handles, while scarce weapons, which consisted of a few blades and ‘sharp cores of obsidian stone (volcanic stone) we know that it came from the island Giali near Nisyros, and grooming items. Finally, the remains of food, found in the cave, revealed a people devoted to grazing animals. The Italian archaeologist L. Morricone has argued that the findings of the cave of the Aspri Petra (White Rock) does not belong to the Neolithic period, but the first early Bronze Age, was identified as Pre Hellenic Era and placed between 2,900 and 2,100 BC.  The cave of the Aspri Petra (White Rock) used in the Geometric period as a place of worship rural deities. Finding a few cups Geometric style, with peculiar motifs taken from Attica and Viotia shows the connection of the form of geometric shapes of Kos  respectively of those areas, says Hatzivassiliou adopting the positions of the Italian archaeologist As Doro Levi. As rural place of worship deities the Aspri Petra (White Rock) continues to exist until the Roman period. Also found a crude votive document, which was dedicated to the deities worshiped in Hellenistic times, and which must be Pan, the Nymphs and some “kourotrophos” (nanny), as evidenced by the small children’s clay figures in squatting position. The types of clay are dated the 4th to 3rd century BC century. Found in the cave even votive candles of Roman period.

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Spectacular view from Zini. Very hard to find it since the are no signs. You have to climb the slop but the view is great.
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